Who are we?

Currently, there are six of us who are organizing the meetings. In alphabetical order:

Ludi van Leeuwen

Contact: RUG.nl / LinkedIn

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Ludi is a PhD student at the Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics, Computing Science and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on how we should reason with (probabilistic) evidence. Main topics of interest are agent-based simulations, Bayesian Networks and Hybrid- and Responsible AI.

Gosse Minnema

Contact: www.gossminn.eu / LinkedIn

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Gosse is a PhD student in Computational Linguistics, currently in the last stages of finishing his thesis. He is interested in using computational methods for studying how our language use reflects our perspectives on societal events, and making visible power inequalities in media reporting on urgent societal issues such as gender-based violence, road danger and migration.

Noa Visser

Contact: RUG.nl

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Noa (they/them) is a PhD student at the Computational Linguistics group of the University of Groningen, working in the GOLEM project. They are focussing on the analysis of fanfiction in different cultures using NLP, in particular on the detection of literary events and the influence of society on fanfiction.

Xiao Yang

Contact: RUG.nl / LinkedIn

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Xiaoyan is a PhD student at the Computational Linguistics group of the University of Groningen, focusing on applying network theories and LLM to the comparative study of fanfiction and digital social readings in different cultures.

Greta Zella

Contact: RUG.nl / LinkedIn

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Greta is a PhD student with an inter-faculty project on the impact that the words we use can have on moral norms and social change in shifting towards sustainable lifestyles. Her research interests include NLP and cognitive linguistics.

Marco Zullich

Contact: zullich.it / LinkedIn

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Marco is a lecturer at the Department of AI, where he teaches AI-related subjects and object-oriented programming. His research interests are machine learning model compression, and responsible and trustworthy AI. He was previously president of the Artificial Intelligence Student Society in Trieste, Italy, where he organized multiple dissemination events aimed at providing the general public with a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of AI.